Barista's Milk Frothing/ Coffee Thermometer


Milk frothing or coffee thermometers

  • easy to read dial with colour-coded zones
  • includes FREE calibration spanner
  • ideal barista thermometer
  • 130mm or 175mm length stem available
  • colour-coded pack of 3 now available

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These milk thermometers are a simple and effective tool for professional baristas and home coffee makers alike. They feature a clear, colour coded dial that indicates the optimum temperature for quick and easy use.

The milk frothing thermometers are available in 25mm and 45mm dial sizes, as well as 130mm and 175m length stems. Each thermometer is supplied with a stainless steel jug mounting probe clip, calibration spanner and protective probe cover.

The barista thermometers measure over the range of -10 to 110 °C with a resolution of 1°C. The analogue dial displays measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

To use simply insert the stainless steel penetration probe into the liquid being measured, the instrument reading will take a few seconds to stabilise.

You can now buy a pack of three colour-coded milk dial thermometers (red, green and blue) designed specifically to enable barista's to easily identify different types of milk used in stainless steel jugs, to avoid cross-contamination.

range:-10 to 110°C
display: analogue dial
case material: stainless steel
guarantee: one year
measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit

milk thermometer instructions

Instructions for the ETI Milk Frothing / Barista thermometer

Download (350.33k)

Dial thermometer calibration

Dial thermometer calibration instructions

Download (0)

800-800 C of C

800-800 Milk Frothing Thermometer certificate of conformity

Download (230.53k)

800-810 C of C

800-810 Milk Frothing Thermometer certificate of conformity

Download (230.63k)

800-820 C of C

800-820 Milk Frothing Thermometer certificate of conformity

Download (230.8k)


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